Germany’s Internet users still only rarely the posted speeds. This is evident from the annual report for the broadband measurement of the Federal network Agency (BNetzA).

data for the report are 900.579 measuring operations of fixed and 384.999 measurements of mobile radio terminals, which were carried out between October 2017 and October 2018, the wide-band measurement of network Agency.

The result is that Only about 12.8 percent of the owners received, the the agreed maximum speed or more, 71.3 percent were on at least half. The average of the lowest values in comparison to the marketed speed in the area of DSL connections below 18 megabits per second (Mbit/s) was measured.

In the mobile, the distances are even greater. Customers came in just 16.1 percent of the measurements over one-half of the agreed maximum speed, more speed than agreed upon, there were only 1.5 percent of the measurements.

Overall, the measurements showed that German retail no improvement compared to the previous years, said BNetzA President Jochen Homann. He sees further need for action in the case of the broadband providers.

Internet service providers must inform in fixed-network and mobile communications since June of 2017, among other things, maximum and average achievable data transfer speeds. The the in December 2016, issued a transparency regulation for the telecommunications sector.