Facebook has, according to the assessment of the British Parliament “willfully and knowingly” violate the privacy and competition law.

In a Monday report published calling for MPs in London, that Social Media companies for content to be shared on your pages, take responsibility. “Companies such as Facebook should not be able to behave like “digital Gangster” in the Online world”, quoted the “Guardian” from the report.

Since 2017, had investigated parliamentarians sometimes, what is the role of “Fake News” in the US election, as well as the Brexit Referendum might have had. The report also deals with the data scandal Cambridge Analytica. In the case of the developer of a polls App had passed on about five years ago, the information of tens of millions of Facebook users to the data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica. In the parliamentary report, it is now called, Facebook is now available on the privacy settings of its users to ignore, data to App developers.

The parliamentarians are calling for a binding code of conduct, on the Basis of technology, companies would have to take action against “harmful and illegal content” on your pages. An independent regulatory authority should monitor this and high fines, not impose, when companies kept in mind, says the report of the Committee on Digital culture, media and Sport.

The deputies accuse Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also “disregard” of the British Parliament, because he had refused to be there for handling his company with user data to testify. The Committee had asked Zuckerberg in the Wake of the data scandal to Cambridge Analytica, to appear in person.