blocks or folders missing in the classroom each track, and many of the Displays. “The teachers are fit, you’re fit,” says Nikolai.

Gamble is not while teaching is not possible, Cheating. The twelve-year-old thinks the iPad is in front of him. All students have a Tablet. School books in high school Gehrden, near Hannover, only a few on the shelves.

Already in the corridors, you realize that in this school, something is different. Girl and boy sit during the lesson with their Tablets on the floor in the aisle and solve math tasks. Some of them have been able to write to a special pen in the Hand, which you see on the screen. It is the Campus atmosphere. Now is working almost completely digital. Where in the past a panel was, today is a great TV. If the Fifth – want to present to tenth-graders something, connect your Tablet to the TV or send the files to your classmates. All have a digital wallet that allows you to edit tasks and make.

After months of Back-and-Forth, the Federal government and the Länder in February had agreed on the digital Pact. 30,000 euros to get each school in lower Saxony, in a first step: in order for Wi-Fi to set up networks, Cloud offerings are created and interactive whiteboards to be purchased.

this may look Like a digital school, shows the school Gehrden. After the first Tests in 2010, she was. The support you received from the carrier, the Gehrden city. “We had luck, forward-looking staff in the city,” recalls headmaster Carsten Huge. A total of around 150,000 euros in digitalization, fiber optic cables, Wi-Fi-networks and the Server plugged in. By the end of 2017, the high school became the first public German school awarded the “Apple Distinguished School”. Worldwide, 470 schools have according to iPad manufacturer Apple, in the meantime, this title, of which 7 are in Germany.

“We are still a long way to go”, says the headmaster. The staff requirements would change. “There are new Posts to be created, the school needs an IT-ler.” With the purchase of Tablets it should not be done, says the principal, Anke Berlin: “The iPad is not the panacea.” Often there is a lack to suitable teaching materials. To create the teachers.

“Almost any Material, the sell, the publishers today, is always also available in digital form – Text, Audio, Video, pictures, wall maps and atlases,” says, however, Ilas Körner-Weller house, Chairman of the Association of educational media. The Trend, however, to platforms that have the digital Textbook in the center and the teachers then private and foreign Material can assign.

Overall, the Work of the teachers, change principals Huge says. “From single fighters team player.” The students come to a different role. “We need a departure from frontal teaching to a duty of cooperation of the students.” The school should impart skills in the professional matters of life. The Tablet is a tool.

the students to take the devices. “It is simple and practical, and it is not to wear so much,” says the twelve-year-old Hanna. The devices belong to the children. The parents can pay for the Tablet in a lump sum or in monthly Installments.

So it is not in the classroom to problems, there are ten so-called iPad rules. A: The Tablet must be loaded in the Morning with 100 percent. A free ticket to the uncontrolled use. “The iPads can be monitored,” says Nikolai. You could not play simple, without the teacher notice it. The teachers could control during the lesson with an App at any time, the screens of the devices. It is important to save all the data. Otherwise, something could be lost, says his classmates Sverre.

Despite all the digitalisation, there are still situations in which at the upper school Gehrden, classic and analog, because on the way to the digital school, in lower Saxony, legal questions are still open. Class work must be written in Gehrden due to the lack of legal bases, still with pen and paper. Not everyone finds bad. Hanna (12) says: “The class work is analog better.”