Artificial intelligence is finding its way into industrial companies in Germany.

a Total of 12 percent of AI use in Germany already in the context of industry 4.0. This is the result of a representative study, the digital Association Bitkom published at the opening of Hannover Messe. “Artificial intelligence has conquered the factories in a rush,” said Bitkom President Achim Berg. KI had the potential to “revolutionize the industry”. Especially in the manufacturing industry, they could help Germany “to conquer the world the top”.

according to The study, every second company is widely believed that machine Learning will change current business models in depth. The benefits include the expected, such as the increase in productivity (47 percent), predictive fault detection (Predictive Maintenance) (39 percent), and process optimization in production and manufacturing (33 per cent of respondents).

According to Bitkom, every fourth machine in the German production today is on average connected to the Internet, in every tenth company, more than half of the machine is networked. This year, the designers invest an average of around five per cent of their total sales in applications around industry 4.0.