the price of The crypto currency Bitcoin has rocketed on Tuesday morning within about one hour to about one-fifth to the top. On the trading platform Bitstamp, the price of a Bitcoin reached 5080 dollars.

He was so valuable as it has been since November, not more. Recently, a Bitcoin at a cost of nearly $ 4,700.

In the past three months had moved, the Bitcoin relatively little. Up to the current price jump, the crypto-currency was traded in the range of about 3300 dollars to 4,000 dollars.

traders were able to call in the morning, there is no clear cause for the sudden rally in the market for crypto-currencies. Besides Bitcoin, other crypto-rose currencies, such as Ether or Ripple in a short period of time to be unusually strong. The trading volume was comparatively low, said expert Jehan Chu of the consulting company Kenetic Capital and announced that the strong price movement. In addition, the trade will still characterised by a degree of Exuberance.

Despite the price jump of the Bitcoin is still far from its record high by the end of 2017. At that time, the price of the crypto-currency had risen to Bitstamp to 19 666 dollars.

The basic idea in 2009 during the financial crisis started, bitcoin is a largely anonymous payment traffic that works independently of governments and banks is. Lack of regulation, however, provides for significant risks. Bitcoins are generated by complex computational processes on the Computer.