Between Evelyn Burdecki, and Domenico de Cicco escalates the dispute.


On day five of the “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” don’t seem to have the nerves to lie at the campers slowly blank. Also, the hormones seem to go with the participants. Because not only was there a lot of Stress, but also a lot of slippery kill the messenger. And at the end of Domenico let de Cicco (35) and Evelyn Burdecki (30) look deep.

Tommi Piper makes to doctor the summer

The first one tells a varying from his sex life, is “Alf”-voice of Tommi Piper (77). He is reported by de Cicco and Soon-to-be father Felix van Deventer (22) of its decreasing potency and how the age is with the orgasm and the ejaculate. The two guys are amazed. The ejaculate? “This is urine,” says de Cicco. And Piper unpacks, tells the story of an old flame. The would have been 26 years younger and so on. But also the ladies in the Camp were not so bad: “The best Po Evelyn has,” Piper its Ranking for the Best.

Gisele Oppermann does not trust – again

Finally, the self – appointed muscle and Miracle-man Bastian Yotta (42) show what is in him, and to take an examination. Together with Gisele Oppermann (31), he must in “you’re still going down, penny”. Both are to be transported in large stacked plexiglass boxes in which you can then over a lake. But: Oppermann does not dare to again. “Height and critters” are too much for the Ex-Model. And also all motivation attempts by Yotta fail. At the end she says the magic phrase “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” twice. Again, don’t. Again, there are no stars and no food.

The Practice of banana

The dirty Talk comes later, in the second round: Burdecki, de Cicco, Leila Lowfire (25) and sausage expert Chris Töpperwien (44) sit by the camp fire. It comes to Sex and the first kiss – well, actually just the theme for Sexpertin Lowfire, the hold back, but then amazing. But Töpperwien confesses: “I was popped with 15 for the first Time. This was in my cot.” And Evelyn Burdecki reveals: “Before I had my first kiss, I was ashamed that I can’t kiss with the tongue right that I can’t do the technique and made me embarrass. Kiss I’ve practiced on a banana, really just Kissing, I thought of nothing else”.

And then the blonde lays on top of: How is this, when men have a long time no Sex? “Men have, by nature, there’s a Problem. After a few days what comes next, and then the way must then also! You can Google it but even. Then everything swells but,” she explains. Töpperwien explains: “the thickness of eggs? No, by nature you don’t get big balls! The man says so!”

Drama between Burdecki, and de Cicco

in the days before Evelyn Burdecki had tried to look with your Ex, Domenico de Cicco. After all, he had played in her eyes negligently with their feelings and never really apologised for it. However, the blocked always. Now he no longer escapes the conversation but, because the two must work together on a treasure hunt. However, before it comes to that, it comes to a slugfest. It goes back and forth until Burdecki runs off crying.

But the treasure must be made. Of course, there is again Stress. But De Cicco has no desire, the story in front of the cameras to spread. Nevertheless, he is in for a discussion. At some point, he has no more desire, and return in rage to the Camp. “This is so wrong. You think the whole lyre of the small blonde. She tried berating me in front of all the people. This is all of the controlled,” grumbles he.

“Better than 6000 follow GZSZ”, hits presenter Sonja Zietlow (50) the nail on the head. Nevertheless, De Cicco goes back to the advice of others and answered with his Ex then some of the questions. But really good both are not. And also the wrong key for the treasure chest select. All that Drama for nothing.

Burdecki drops the bomb on me

As the two of them to the Camp returned, crying out De Cicco in töpperwien. Burdecki was only on the press and would spread lies. “I think he is afraid of the truth,” says Burdecki, however, in the hammock to Doreen Dietel (44). In the Interview, you can then the bomb burst: As in September 2018 had been clear that the two go into the jungle, De Cicco reported. “I still love you,” he wrote. And: “then he said to me that we are in the jungle together again”, so Burdecki. A further escalation is inevitable.

No Surprises there are at the time of election to the next jungle test: Gisele Oppermann have to get back again with Bastian Yotta. His face expression turned to stone.

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