The chip group Qualcomm has put before the court, contended successfully sales ban of several older models of the iPhone in Germany. According to the judgment, had been deposited as security securities in the value of 1.34 billion euros, said Qualcomm.

The sales ban relates to the models of iPhone 7, and 8, as well as the iPhone X from 2017. The regional court of Munich on 20. December, the infringement of a Qualcomm patent by Apple found. Qualcomm’s got the right, a ban on the sale to enforce, if the chip, the group deposited the security.

The company showed, however, different views on the extent of the prohibition of the Sale. Apple said that only in the 15 German Apple Stores, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is no longer sold. The iPhone was replaced by Apple in its range already by the XS.

About mobile operators and other retailers would continue to remain all the models available, said Apple after the verdict. Qualcomm claimed, however, that the affected devices would have to be moved in with all of the retailers in Germany.

Apple announced an appeal against the judgment of the district court. The safety performance of each 668,4 million euros for the two procedures, in which the Patent is intended to secure the iPhone-the group against potential losses, in case he should get into the process right at the end.

the Patent refers to a technology that adjusts the power consumption of telecommunications Chips, so that the battery lasts longer.

Qualcomm achieved with the Munich-based judgment was the first significant success in the worldwide dispute with Apple.