The Russian air force experienced terrible moments in the last few weeks. Two fighter bomber the Su-34 crashed over the sea of Japan in the air, a machine was lost. A Tu-22M3 crashed on the 22. January 2019 at the air base Olenya. With a new Cruise Missile – the KH-32 – was this Bomber to the horror of the Western Navy. The high range of the Missile allows it, US carriers and other ships from a distance to attack. The extremely high speed of the KH-32 makes it impossible, in the final approach intercept.

The base of where the accident occurred, is located in the far North of the country in the vicinity of Murmansk. The machine burst while attempting to land despite poor visibility and heavy snowfall. Now a Video of the accident showed up, a soldier on the base, it must have taken.

problems and bad weather

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Orlan – Russia is building the successor to the Caspian American television.

Russia wants to develop a low-flying stub-wing aircraft. Until 2027, the prototype should be ready. The Orlan should be able to launch missiles – just as the model of the USSR: The Caspian sea monster was designed as a fleet destroyer.

Gernot Kramper