The producers still dream that in the future only robot vacuum cleaner and rechargeable devices are in use. Actually, the cups without the plug, there is currently far too little Power. Either the problem is the suction power or you won’t last long.

Who wears a lot of dirt in the apartment, whether it comes by kids, dogs or a garden, around a vacuum cleaner with cable currently. The magazine “Öko-Test” has tested twelve devices – six of them with a bag, six without. As is to be expected in the case of the Eco-testers of particular value were the test results on environmental impact. This includes not only a low power consumption, the volume, the Hygiene and the filter performance in terms of respirable dust were important.

weak Suck

the Central point of the suction is the result on different floors. Together, the topic of Sucking makes up 50 percent of the test result. But a Good at Sucking, only four were of the twelve equipment – including a vacuum cleaner without a bag.

Cordless hand vacuum cleaner

Akkusauger in the case of goods test, eight out of ten devices can’t suck

Gernot Kramper

The devices have failed at simple tasks, such as rice and lentils from a hard floor to absorb. Some suction to sucked 95 percent of them, others left the half. Also on the subject of fine dust, there were unpleasant Surprises, many cups of spit far more dust than they should, according to the classification. Another Problem: Only a single teat scored on Hard floors and carpets at the same time, good results.

Just a really good sucker

test winner of the Miele Complete C3 Total Care Ecoline SGJP3. The device costs a proud of 281 Euro. It offers low power consumption and reached to Suck the rating of 2.5 on the topic. The best device shines on hard floors, on carpet, but only a satisfactory grade.

With the grade of 1.8, the third-placed device is in the discipline of Sucking before the test winner. The Siemens Q 8.0 car control VSQ8AC342 is the only device that cuts off on hard floor and carpet is either very good or good. It smoked a little more power. The vacuum cleaner from Siemens, but it also costs 309 Euro.

The detailed Test with all the results you can see here in “Ökotest” for a fee.


Stiftung Warentest examines vacuum cleaner for pet hair none

convinced for the First time have tried the tester, and pet hair to absorb. Nine out of 20 cleaners got the touch Well. But there are also really bad sucker on the shelf, which were already in the Test because of an engine defect.

Gernot Kramper