Australia is full to the brim with nasty and highly toxic critters. Snakes, spiders, and co. are not only dangerous – it’s really cuddly, they are not. This Part is one of the cutest animals in the world: the Wombat. The fluffy marsupial like kangaroos or Koalas to the Top tourist attractions on the southern continent.

A small island off Tasmania, Maria Island, wants to give the animals now have some protection from the visitors. The make out with Selfie-Sticks armed to shoot cute photos of the little Rascals. These have just got Boy, is then of secondary importance. The image has to end.


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With information boards against unwanted Wombat-Selfies

visitors to Maria Island will now be indicated with information panels to more consideration. So is read: “I’m not going to hunt Wombats with the Selfie-Stick. I’m not going to get too close to babies. And I will not surround or high-lift.” In addition, visitors will promise that you will treat the beautiful island from the quay up to the mountains, the enchanted coves and the ruins, with respect. “We ask the people to accept the fact that there are wild animals,” makes it clear to John Fitzgerald, CEO of Tasmania Tourism, compared with the US channel CNN.

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However, he also acknowledges that there had not been a specific incident that led to the Park now to take this step. But you can see that more people would approach the animals for photos. Maria Islan, a nature Park, which has quite strict rules. Who would like to take a Wombat on the Arm, you can visit the animal rescue station Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary. There you can touch the cute Wombats, because they are now accustomed to people. You can also take over a sponsorship for an animal.