writer Patrick Süskind celebrates on the 26th. March 70. Birthday

©photo: (c) Philipp Keel

Who is Patrick Süskind? This question seem to be able to only those people will answer with the writer in a personal contact. For all others, including his readers, the “perfume”-the author of a mystery. Today, Tuesday, Suskind celebrates his 70th birthday. Birthday. This is known about him.

Under the Radar

Suskind is on 26. March, 1949 in the Bavarian town of Ambach on lake Starnberg born. As the son of a writer, the Writing seems to him to be in the cradle. Nevertheless, he chooses medium-sized and modern history as a course of study in Munich, he was not finished but. Instead, he invested his time and Muse rather in their own works.

To süskind’s writings, mainly novels, novellas and Essays. But before shooting books, the author does not shy away. In 1982, he worked together with film Director Helmut Dietl (1944-2015) the cult-series “Monaco Franze – The eternal Stenz”. Over the years further joint works will follow. In his memoirs, “A bit of what goes on and writes” Dietl at the time, Suskind had “a number of variants of the silent presence”, and hits the nail on the head.

Would be written to the writer not so remarkable books such as “The perfume – The story of a murderer” (1985, Diogenes Verlag) or “The story of Mr. Sommer” (1991), one might think, indeed, he exists at all. Public appearances and Interviews and even some of the prices rejects Suskind. After his last released Essay, “On love and death” in 2006, he is off the grid entirely.