These women have it on the TV-bachelor Andrej apart


21 was the kick-off of the new “Bachelor episode”-season re-asserted, to seek the great love, and not about the great TV career. Talk to 20 ladies, and the new Rosenkavalier Andrej Mangold (31) met in the Dating show on RTL 2. January for the first time. Already after the first two hours it was clear: In the battle for the according to some candidates for the “best Bachelor” in the history of the Format, henceforth, Wednesdays will be driving the nails – as in the catfight and in love is known to be allowed everything.

a Lot of excitement and great eyes

up to Approximately the fifth Participant it took before Andrei was able to implement his plan into action, “to be just a bit cool.” Because the first encounters on the red carpet, you noticed the new Bachelor’s degree significantly the nervousness. And, although he should be able to handle as a professional basketball player (and chewing gum Mogul) but actually with a lot of pressure.

Unanimously enthusiastic about all of the 20 candidate were princes of the interior of your potential dream, even if they did so in sometimes other words. “A nice man” and “great guy” to “hot age” and “Horny Slut” ranged the impressions. Especially his eyes, it had all impressed, and it was not long before the common Trigger of food envy broke out.

“they jumped all on him, like animals, was located on a piece of meat”, candidate Isabell, held back deliberately. In fact, you would have to pull at RTL almost about the purchase of a vending machine for the numbers (or slide?) to think – office of Administration-romance, as quickly as possible to as many data as possible is exchanged.

The first rose award

Even before the first night of the roses Andrej had the opportunity to be awarded one of the coveted flowers. Christina from Hannover landed after about 20 minutes the first Rose. Probably because you had the courage to sing the TV-bachelors Serenade. Three women were not able to take advantage of the short time, however, to leave a lasting impression. For Julia, Jasmine and Karin, the ninth season of “The Bachelor” is thus already over before it has properly begun.