Jennifer Bailey Apple pays in the Allianz Arena with their Apple Watch.

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After the payment service Google Pay is already for some time in Germany available, has now introduced Apple Service Apple Pay in Germany. Starting immediately, customers with iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch can pay in the entire territory of the Federation on a cashless basis. How easy the Whole thing works, Apple has presented in Munich. spot on news was there and was able to see for yourself.

These banks are supported

in order To Apple Pay, you need to be one’s own Bank or the financial service provider partners. To Start are one of Apple’s partners in Germany: American Express, Deutsche Bank, HVB, comdirect, N26, o2 Banking, Hanseatic Bank, boon, bunq, fidor Bank, Edenred and VIMPay.

The Deutsche Bank, for example, has established the possibility to apply for a virtual Mastercard debit card, a so-called “Virtual Card”, free of charge and with no annual fee in the own App, which can be used with Apple Pay. In a demonstration, was regulated in an existing account in fact, within a few minutes and the card was automatically added to the own Apple Wallet. There is also quite simple other cards.

customers who do not want to change the Bank or a new card to apply for, unfortunately, have to wait until your chosen institution is supported. Apple is working according to its own information, to bring more partners into the boat. Already now, among other things, a support Ing-Diba, the German credit Bank and consors Bank for 2019 announced.


Who has deposited his card once in the Apple Wallet, the can on a Shopping trip to go – both in real shops as well as online. Already now many of these offers are supported and there are still many more to follow. If you want to do the weekly shopping, you can pay for, among other things, with Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, Lidl, Norma, Netto and Real cash-free via the iPhone. And on the way home, you can still get a snack at Starbucks, Burger King or McDonald’s. Also, among other things, C&A, H&M, Galeria Kaufhof, Media Markt, Saturn, Rossmann are supported, many more points of contact, and of course Apple itself.

In the Munich Allianz Arena, Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of Internet Software and Services and Apple Pay showed how simple it is to buy, for example, via Apple Pay a ticket at the refreshment stand to pick up a sausage or to purchase Merchandise. Easy payment via facial recognition (Face ID) or fingerprint (Touch ID) to confirm and the matter is eaten in a few seconds. The can try the Fans at the next home game. Payments generally should be at any NFC-enabled Terminal. Apple estimates that around 60 percent of the currently widely used in Germany Terminals should already work with Apple Pay.

Also on the Websites of many Online retailers and in many Apps, Apple Pay is supported. The example of the Flixbus App, it shows that a corresponding Ticket within a Minute, out searched, booked, paid for and in the Apple Wallet is stowed. Also, the offers of Foodora, mytaxi, Zalando, the Berlin transport authority (BVG) or even the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

How secure is Apple Pay?

“We are pleased to bring Apple Pay today to Germany in order to provide a simpler, faster, safer, and more personal payment option with the iPhone and Apple Watch,” says Bailey. In addition to this comfort, Apple asserts again and again the security of Apple Pay. If a User buys something, it sends a device – specific number together with a unique transaction code.

your card number is stored on the device or Apple’s servers. Also, the dealer will receive only the most necessary information. Example, Flixbus: There’s the Ticket for a booked trip goes directly into the Apple’s Wallet must be transmitted, among other things, not the address of a user. In the case of an Online order at Zalando and co. this is of course something else. The corresponding transaction data is not stored by Apple.

These devices

Apple Pay are going to be quasi-supports all newer devices in the house. Requires an iPhone 6 or newer, iPhone SE, iPad Pro, iPad (5. Generation and later), iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 and new. In addition, it is possible Apple Pay in the Safari-to-use Browser on any Mac that was introduced in 2012 or later, with macOS Sierra. Then the payment must be confirmed, however, with an iPhone or Apple Watch. This intermediate step, however, is done also quickly. On the new MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air a payment can also be directly via Touch ID to confirm.