More than 16 million people follow her Instagram channel, she is one of the most successful Models of the present and, in addition, a sought-after actress. That it would bring Emily Ratajkowski once so far, could not know, the American photographer Jonathan leather, as he photographed the then 20-Year-old in may 2012 on two evenings. At the Session in Woodstock in the state of New York 103 Polaroids emerged, the Ratajkowskis upcoming career be on the horizon.

The young Model posed casually and flirted uncontrollably with the camera. It didn’t take long, since her face and her body was suddenly known around the world: In the spring of 2013, she had an almost video with clothed in the music of Robin Thickes Hit song “Blurred Lines”. A year later she had her first major acting role in David Fincher’s adaptation of the bestseller “Gone Girl”.

Emily Ratajkowski before your breakthrough

The Session in may 2013, shows the Model on the eve of their world career. Most of the time the resulting images are already included in the “collector’s Edition”, which was published by Imperial Publishing. As the edition is out of print, has pushed the publishing house the book “Unseen Ratajkowski” and 32 never-before-seen photographs added.

The book now appears in a strictly limited edition of 990, by the photographer, signed copies, and is available for $ 90.

The book “Unseen Ratajkowski” at Imperial Publishing available and costs $ 90.