In “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is about a young programmer in 1984


With its interactive sequence of “Bandersnatch”, the Netflix series “Black Mirror” Recently in the world caused quite a stir. Again and again, the audience was able to intervene actively engaged with the Events and the Actions of the main character and the various “free to play”. But it is precisely this interactivity might come to Netflix now expensive. Because according to the US-page “Variety” in the meantime, the publisher of the “Choose Your Own Adventure”books (“Choose to submit your own adventure”) due to an injured mark rights lawsuit.

it is Actually pointed out in the extraordinary consequence of the said book series and reference. Thus, the makers have resorted to deliberately and without permission on the popularity of the books back in order to attract more viewers in front of the screens, is the accusation. In the 80s and 90s, the books in which the reader actively in decisions about the course of history can meet, have sold, according to the report, around 265 million Times. As the amount of the total liability of the publisher on appeal, therefore, as much as 25 million dollars.

In the past few years, Netflix had tried to buy the rights for the brand, but without success. Finally, it was decided, apparently without permission, to produce “bandersnatch” and on 28. To publish in December 2018. Who wants to see all the possible routes of the “Black Mirror”episode, comes at the end of over five hours of interactive series of entertainment.