This technique under the Christmas Tree could be just right gift

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The times, in which families and friends of socks, a pair of olle or the like at Christmas, are long gone. Many Germans are happy, especially when current technology is under the Christmas tree. Here are eight suggestions that could be something for Tech-Freaks.

Smartphone (iOS): iPhone XR by Apple

this year’s Keynote, Apple has introduced the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max the iPhone XR. Although the XR is cheaper than its brethren, is, to a large extent the same technology in the colourful housing in the colours White, Black, Yellow, Blue, coral and “(Product)Red”. Especially in the Display and the camera, users must not make, in comparison with a couple of smears that stand out, but in the everyday use at all. The Display is still bright, contrast rich and handsome, just like the photos taken. Starting From 849 Euros.

smart phone (Android): Pixel 3 of Google

Two of the currently most impressive Android Smartphones of the pixels 3 of Google and his brother are the XL, the pixels 3. The 5.5-inch (Pixel 3), and 6.3-inch OLED display (Pixel 3 XL) show lively colors and leave, for example, when playing 4K Videos a great impression. Particularly impressive is a camera function, the has released Google now for all Pixel models. “Night Sight” or “night vision” uses machine Learning to colors during the night shots suit. Even in the worst lighting conditions good photos come. Starting From 849 Euros.

As a successful Android Alternative could serve the OnePlus 6T. The new flagship from OnePlus with its 6,41-inch AMOLED Display offers on paper are good, but it is significantly cheaper than many Premium rivals. The devices of the Chinese, it is already starting at 549 euros. Still a bit cheaper, the Honor 10, the scores in Tests of specialized media also frequently and have regular ab 399,90 Euro.

headset: WH-1000XM3 from Sony

One of the best wireless headphones on the market, the WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones from Sony. The powerful noise reduction, even in loud environments for the Hide of most of the noise and also the sound of On-Ear headphones have a lot of experience, as it is currently rarely. For some tastes, the WH could be 1000XM3 but a little too bass-heavy. Starting From 379 Euros.

Notebook: Legion Y530 Lenovo

The Lenovo Legion Y530 is a modern Notebook for gamers, but don’t have to hide also business people. The target audience of the device are men and women who might want to play after work or during the lunch break a bit, but not view, for an additional Computer or a console. While the inner life allows to play current Games, to distract the simple External. Thus, the Notebook is suitable for use in the office or on a business trip. From 1.039 Euros.

New TV experience: Sky Q Sky

As a true Entertainment-all-rounder Sky Q, the renewed in 2018 all-round offer from Sky. Customers receive a single point of contact for all content from Sky, the German Free-TV channels, different media libraries, and since some weeks also on Netflix. To do this, you must only register on the Receiver with an existing Netflix account. From 19.99 per month. Special Deal: Film and series Fans can take advantage of a combined offer, the two Accounts are necessary. Who is the appropriate wish offer at Sky Bay, will automatically receive a Netflix-Standard subscription, which is included in the price.

Smartwatch: Apple Watch, Apple

Some of the best Smartwatches on the market are the models of the Apple Watch Series 4. The usual simple Design as well as the watch itself. Especially the many different Fitness and health features are likely to be for sports lovers a true joy. By a LTE – and UMTS-support in the “Cellular”model, these can even leave your Smartphone at home when you go out for example Jogging. Ab 429 Euro.

smart speaker Echo Dot Amazon

in 2018, the smallest speaker in Amazon Line-up an Update. The third Generation of the Echo, the Dot still resembles a hockey Puck that acts, thanks to a new fabric Design but much more modern. A new 41-mm-speaker should provide a powerful Sound in contrast to its predecessors. The regular price of the smart speaker is just under 60 Euro. Who wants to spend a little more, get the bigger brother, the Echo for around 100 Euro and Echo Plus for about 150 Euro.

VR glasses, Oculus Go of the Oculus VR

The virtual reality always and everywhere experience – without a PC or console? This allows the VR glasses Oculus Go. For the self-sufficient Headset there are currently more than 1,000 Apps, with which you can for example view 3D Videos or play Games. By avoiding the need for additional Hardware, and the relatively low price point of the Oculus Go is the perfect entry-level. Starting From 219 Euro. Alternatively, the stand-alone VR Headset Mirage Solo from Lenovo, which relies on Google’s Daydream, and to have starting at 369 euros.