Actually, everything should run very relaxed. On the official VKontakte-channel of the Russian Nintendo offshoot of a classic Gaming was planned Livestream, two facilitators should play with two other players of “Mario Kart” on the Switch from each other and have a little chat. As you do today in social media. On the occasion of the “Level Up Day”. But with the Streamer had not anticipated: with your boss, Nintendo-Russia-CEO Yasha Haddaji.

after a few minutes interfere, for the first time his Secretary. Although the moderators try to inform her several times that they send already live in talking to you again and again. Then Haddaji rushes into the picture and starts, zumosern why the Stream is running. His Problem: He didn’t get any Push message from VKontakte-because the Social Network sends to each individual Follower. Consequently, he assumes that there must be problems with the Stream. Notes that everything is already up and running live, not by coming through his bullying. The presenters will be nervous because of your anger the bosses visually. A is still trying to protect him by asking the other, the micro-plug and a “Mario Kart”game switch.

freak out in front of an audience

But the game sound, and the comments are not enough, to drown out the tantrum in the Background. “Are you mentally disabled?” to the boss of one of the employees there. “I’m going to fire you! I’m tired of you.” In this tone, it goes on, while the presenters speak desperately, louder and louder. In addition to insults and dismissal threats, it’s suddenly a question of who has got for the Event and money. As the camera changes again to the moderators, goes on the Tirade in the Background.

game console

2019 listen to a new Nintendo Switch

While the Streamer faces with the oppressed the action, discovered the head of a sudden, what’s going on. “The fucking Stream already?” blurts out of him dumbfounded. “You can tell the fucking time?” Then he storms out of the picture. As the extremely cramped faces of the presenters to relax just a little, comes the Grand Finale: the last Time the boss is still chasing. “Stop it this instant to stream, turn it off.” And the action is run.

Fans will want the head cut

The Video was deleted after that, a group of Fans had it backed up but and now re-uploaded to Youtube. You want to get the attention of Nintendo of Europe, the unloved Haddaji finally get rid of. The was already hated before. In the case of Reddit’s employees reported that he shouted at regularly, employees, blasphemes, and the appearance of the female colleagues commented. The employees are downright scared of him.

For the Fans, he also always disliked. Again and again he made grandiose promises were not kept, however, made decisions that arrived with the Fans and everything else as well. For example, many games do not translate Russian. Most recently, he made an Edition of the new Pokémon, Let’s not get to Go in Russia. As with many pokemon Games, there were two editions, one with Pikachu and one with the less well-known eevee. The latter was just impossible – because Haddaji had decided that the Russians only know Pikachu.

Nintendo has now given to the incident: “We know from the recent Youtube Video uploaded to be seen in the is, as the General Manager of Nintendo in Russia, Yasha Haddaji, in the case of a dispute with an external service provider, the go-Kart for a Mario Livestream was responsible, his temper. Both behavior and choice of words by Mr Haddaji values are, in any case, in accordance with our firm. We are also of the further allegations, aware that have been published in the follow-up to this Video. These are currently the subject of a thorough investigation. We take the whole matter very seriously. Please understand, if we leave during the ongoing investigation, no further comments.“