Apple has returned to Facebook and Google after short-term Blockade of the ability to upload in-house Apps on the iPhone devices of your employees.

in The iPhone group had deleted the necessary Software certificates, after that the company had spread came out in this way for years, market research Apps to study participants in Apple’s past. In accordance with the provisions of Apple and have been allowed to this Distribution only for internal use.

In the case of Facebook, the internal applications – such as test versions of future versions of Instagram were disconnected a day. In the case of Google, the certificates were produced faster. The Blockade disabled the Software development in the company – but also internal Apps, for example to the organization of the staff-transport to a standstill.

Apple offers companies the opportunity to bring in-house Apps, or test versions directly on iPhones or iPads to your employees, without publishing the applications in the generally accessible from the Apple App Store. To make this possible, you will get special Software certificates assigned which may be distributed to the employees. The distribution of Apps to external users, in this way, Apple evaluates but as a misuse of the service. The applications that come with the help of the certificates on the devices, are not tested by Apple, unlike the beta test platform for the group with the name “test flight”.

this week, it became known market research App “Facebook Research” secured at the time of Installation so profound access data on the device, the use of user behavior to observe. The App was able to access conversations in the Chat services, sent photos and Videos, addresses of visited sites and data from positioning applications, said IT security expert Wants to Stra compartment according to an analysis of the application of the Blog “TechCrunch”.

Apple wouldn’t have left such an App is almost certainly on its Download platform. Facebook used to be a company certificate for the distribution of the App to the external study participants. The network has long focused on the study of Online habits in order to identify Trends and emerging rivals at an early stage. Previously, there was also the free App “Onavo” that Apple threw in the past year, following a tightening of the privacy rules from the App Store.

Facebook stressed that users under the age of 13 to 35 years, had been informed of the data collection. In the case of Minors, the confirmation of the parents by had been calls, it was said – even if, initially, it was unclear how. At the same time, the network announced that since 2016 used App. However, Apple moved even faster to the plug with the cancellation of the certificates, the then put all of the internally used Facebook Apps are lame.

Then it came out that Google is a market research App with far-reaching, if less aggressive ways of access via company-brought in certificates on iPhones. The Internet group-pulled it back and said “TechCrunch”, that it was a mistake. A few hours later, the group got problems with certificates for its internal Apps.

In the night of Friday, Apple, Facebook introduced a new App certificates, such as the Online network, among others, of the Website “Axios” was confirmed. New certificates for Google, followed a little later, as the company of the Website “Ars Technica” announced.

The approach of Apple caused in the network and in media of both encouragement as well as criticism. Some observers saw it as a consistent enforcement of rules, regardless of how big the companies concerned. An author of the New York Times fantasized even, Apple could also throw the consumer Apps of Facebook from its Download platform, to force the Online network finally, strikterem privacy. Others, such as the technology blog “The Verge” were concerned about the fact that platform operators such as Apple have this level of control over which Apps are allowed to run on the devices.

One of the Reasoning behind the Complete-callback of the certificates may be in addition to a penalty for the misuse of the service, to get definitely all of the Apps that were possibly against the rules.

The relationship of Apple and Facebook is already strained. So Apple CEO Tim Cook had repeatedly criticized Facebook’s handling of user data, and the business model of the Online-network to be demarcated. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg described such criticism as “extremely slick” and law is the business customized model, with the Facebook valuable free applications can offer.