the Apple is the of a sales ban affected older models of the iPhone 7, and 8 with other Chips in the trade.

the Background of the patent dispute with the chip group Qualcomm, which was the beginning of the year, the sales of the devices after a court ruling to stop.

In Germany are now to be versions with communication Chips from Qualcomm instead of Intel sold, as Apple announced on Thursday. You have no other choice, in order to ensure that all of the model remained available on the market.

At the same time, Apple made it clear that the fundamental dispute. “Qualcomm is trying to Apple, with sales prohibited to compel to the acceptance of extortionate demands,” said the group.

You will continue to fight for “what is right”. Apple accuses Qualcomm of excessive licensing fees, and unfair competition. Qualcomm sued Apple up in front of many courts with accusations of patent infringement – including in Germany.

The Munich state court decided in December that a Chip for Power-Management of the company Qorvo hurt a Qualcomm Patent, and decreed a prohibition of sale. The Qorvo technology is integrated with the communication Chips from Intel, so Apple had to replace the supplier completely. Intel stressed that the technologies of the company are not affected.

the company Qorvo emphasizes that their technical solution is infringing the Patent from Qualcomm – but refused to Details in the Munich-based techniques, out of concern that Qualcomm’s trade secrets. Thus, the court ruled, without examining the technology directly.

a few days Ago the older iPhone had already reported the Website “WinFuture”, models would return with technical Changes in the trade.

Even after the sales ban came into force, you could buy the affected models of the iPhone 7, 8, and X furthermore, in the case of retailers and mobile operators. Also, there was a dispute: Qualcomm insisted that there is a General ban on the sale of Germany – and Apple had to move all the devices from the trade channels. Qualcomm on Thursday first of all, no opinion on the Apple foray.

Apple took the iPhone 7 and 8 – as well as the larger “Plus”versions – from the offer of its Stores and on the Website. The iPhone X, the group had replaced in his own range already by the newer models XS and XR.

In April, launches in the United States is a large and possibly crucial process between Apple and Qualcomm in California. In January, the method of delivery there is already a lawsuit in the U.S. Competition authority FTC against Qualcomm. It complains that the chip group, to urge Smartphone manufacturers to purchase expensive licenses for Qualcomm patents, if you want to be supplied with Chips. Qualcomm denies this. The judgment that is spoken in this case by a judge and not the jury, is still out.