Everywhere pay without the wallet, dragging around with the Apple Pay promises. Just the iPhone or the Apple Watch to the Terminal, the invoice will be settled. Since today the offer is also in Germany. We explain what you need to know this.

How do I use Apple Pay?

Basically, Apple Pay works, how we know it from the contact Numbers with Giro or credit card. It holds only instead of the card, the Smartphone or the Apple Watch to the Terminal. First, a Giro or credit card to the Apple – App “Wallet” has been added. How this works in Detail, explains Apple on this Support page.

payment service launches in Germany

Apple Pay: I’ve been using it for months and never want to get there and back again

By Malte Mans

Is highlighted in the map, it is sufficient to place the Finger on the Touch ID Sensor and the iPhone to the payment terminal. In the case of iPhones with the FaceID – so the iPhone X and new – to instead, press twice quickly the power button, then via the FaceID, confirm your identity and finally to Terminal. After the purchase is completed. Because the payment is directly deposited on the device, it works also when no Internet connection is available.

What is Apple Pay?

with Apple Pay, is for the customer for free, Apple requires for each transaction a small fee, which must, however, be of the banks shouldered. How high the fee is, remains a secret between Apple and the banks. The negotiations are considered to be one of the reasons that the service is in this country until years after the USA.

Pay by Smartphone

Apple Pay is coming to Germany – and these banks are (not)

By Christoph Fröhlich

you should also have meant that far from each Bank’s Apple Pay support. Directly to the Start, only a few banks, such as Deutsche Bank, N26, Comdirect or Wirecard in-App boon., the Apple makes you Pay a pre-paid principle, also for customers of other banks to use. More banks are likely to follow in the near future. An Overview of which banks Apple Pay support at the Start or in the future, you will find in this article.

Apple Pay

works, Although Apple is working with some of the official partners is not limited to the payment service to these stores. Everywhere, where contactless payment, usually works well, Apple Pay. This applies now to almost all supermarket chains, many Cafes, Restaurants, shops and service providers such as cinemas. Even in Taxis or in the Parking machine, you can often pay with Apple Pay. According to data from Visa 4 out of 5 payment terminals are for the use of Apple Pay on Visa card suitable.

One thing you should note: Not every contactless Terminal also accepts any kind of card. Some only support payment with credit cards. There, you can not pay in accordance with a stored debit Card.

especially abroad this can be a Problem, after all, credit cards in other countries are much more common than here. In principle, it can also be paid in the holidays with Apple Pay, even if the service is not available in the country. For the payment abroad may be incurred by the Bank charges. These have to do with but nothing to do with Apple Pay and must be obtained from the banks.

in Addition to the Pay in-Store Apple Pay can also be used for payments in Apps and on the Mac. If the Online stores support the service you can also pay directly in the Browser. In some countries, Apple also supports the direct Sending of money to other iPhone users via the messages App.

Mobile Payment

How to get the Germans to Pay for the future

painted Mans, miss Holt, How safe is Apple Pay?

For many customers, should lead to skepticism about the security of the mobile payment service of the Lord. Matthias Hach, member of the management Board of comdirect, said to the star: “Mobile payment is in principle fast, easy and convenient. PIN or signature is attributable. However, mobile payment is very secure.” What are the solutions from Google (Google Pay), and Apple make very sure, is the fact that only a virtual card number is stored. The actual credit card data remains fully encrypted. Inadvertent or improper charges are excluded by the obligation to TouchID, or FaceID.

Also, the data are not sent over the Internet, explained Hach: “Google Pay and Apple Pay differ with regard to the use of data: While Google to view the history of the last ten transaction stores data in – place, merchant, time, sum – secures Apple is no data of the payment process on its servers. Paying with Apple Pay is only locally on the device.” Android users can disable it as a temporary storage of the data after all.

we will Pay soon, all the world’s best Smartphone?

The interest in mobile payments is quite large. Visa Digital-in-chief Volker Koppe said, with reference to a study: “More than half of Smartphone users would use when Refuelling, for purchases in the supermarket or at the ticket machines of the cell phone. 2 of 3 respondents in small amounts and would pay under 25 Euro with the Smartphone.” The cash is not expected to replace it according to Paypal CEO Dan Schulman as soon as but nonetheless,- but especially the plastic cards.

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