The first Time I’m excited. This is a normal shopping in the supermarket. At the Checkout I wait until my groceries are scanned. Then, finally: “€ 4.92, please.” “With card”, my response as a shot. I don’t expect the cashier to understand what I’m up to. Finally, the EC will hold me device. Instead of my debit card, I keep my Apple Watch. It beeps once and I paid the first Time with Apple Pay.

Since then, there’s no going Back. In the Café, while shopping, on holiday: Always, if the Terminal is the little wave icon to indicate that for a contactless payment, I am happy like a little Boy. The purse is so deep in the backpack that I forgot it even at home. Instead, everything is paid for with the Apple Watch. Or in case of an emergency with the iPhone.

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How to get the Germans to Pay for the future miss

By Malte Mans Apple Pay Holt’s coming – but when?

Officially, the was not actually. Apple’s payment service Apple Pay in Germany only since today available. Only with a Trick, the service can also now use of. To do this, you will need to download a French or Irish Appstore Account, the App “boon.” it is only since today for German iPhones. You can fill up a digital credit card provider, Wirecard is quite normal with a German account with credit and in-Store spend.

And it really works almost everywhere. Almost all Terminals support contactless payment, also work with Apple Pay. So well that I needed even when on holiday in Spain and Greece virtually out of cash. Although there is no Apple Pay there as well. From the Taxi to go to dinner: Everything I was able to pay for digital. To the ATM I just had to, because the Taxi driver didn’t accept cards.


On the Apple Watch to the payment card does not appear when you press the small button on the bottom right twice quickly

star-online-Contactless is equal to contactless

but there is also the case of contactless card reading devices exceptions, I learned the hard way. When shopping in a German Discounter, both the Watch and iPhone were rejected. “This is because we do not support credit cards,” explained the seller. Fortunately, I had small money.

Since the fall of published iOS 12 is now also supported in Germany, a lot of popular debit card , prior to that, Apple Pay delivery as a credit card. In Germany, however, are significantly less popular than in the world. Probably it took also so long, until Apple was able to with the German banks. Which banks work together to Start with Apple, you can find here.

competitor Google joined Apple a few weeks ago previously, Google Pay is already since the summer for customers of banks such as Commerzbank, Comdirect, N26, and Wirecard, or boon. available. The savings Bank has also launched its own mobile payment service. Using the Payback App you can use in some stores already have the Smartphone as a wallet, but not by the Numbers but via scanned QR Codes.

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I have paid in Rewe with Paypal and noticed that I is in the stone age

By Malte Mans live brings Annoying glances

That sales people know the technology, not the exception. While I was at my first purchase, almost disappointed, as no matter the seller was my for me is a spectacular method of payment, I feel the responses rather annoying. Constantly I do not need waiters, Taxi-drivers or other customers to explain why I can pay – and also why other iPhone users can.

In some stores, the salespeople are also very mellow. “Prior to coming here more often,” explained a seller in my tribe-supermarket in Hamburg. With the official launch of Apple Pay, the number of astonished looks, should still more, if more customers are using the technology.


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A supermarket cashier grabs: The tell you shopping about you

By Malte Mans The phone and get ready to

To the seller to respond, however, in General, very positive. No wonder: The technology is simply faster. To dig out that instead of money or the card, the watch is always on the spot. The Smartphone has also a lot to often in the Hand. The Pay for all is faster, the Counting of the Rückgelds and the PIN-input. Instead, the direct debit is legitimised by fingerprint or iPhone X by face recognition. In the case of the Watch, it’s usually not even necessary: Is unlocked-the-clock, work the Numbers.

a waiter in Palma, I have to run now because of a bet. Ivan was excited about the technology of the future, and asked whether next the sunglasses. When I told him of the rumors to a data glasses of Apple, he invited me to the bet: In four years, I pay him with my glasses. Now me, Apple should just not hang.