When Apple introduced the new iPad Pro, marveled at the Tech scene. Apple had evaporated the edges of the tablet, in order to give the Display more room. Nevertheless, it was possible for the group to make the Tablet even thinner. With the exception of iPod-Touch-model, it is the thinnest device Apple has ever built. Now, a shadow page of the design: The iPad Pro will bend slightly.

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The first messages in the bag are bent and the iPad Pro, there was already in November, as the iPhone 6 was revealed only after a while, how many users were really affected. Because of the very straightforward Designs, even slight inflections to fall immediately. Recently, the messages have achieved a new quality: The devices themselves have pfleglichem handling of self-bending, or even slightly bent in the packaging and located the reports from disappointed customers about the Forum and the Tech page “Macrumours”. Now Apple has responded, but probably differently than they had hoped.


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By Christoph Fröhlich bend in the factory

The curvature is a result of the manufacturing process and would occur during Cooling of the used plastic and metal components, said Apple and the Tech Blog “The Verge” on request. Apple would not consider as Defect. Many customers are likely to perceive this as slap in the face. The current iPads cost even third-party at least 830 euros for the top model with 1 TB of storage and LTE connectivity will be at the Apple Store even 2100 euros.

The Apple is not considered the Bending as a Defect, the customer with clear consequences: you can not expect compensation, but not more than grace hope. Some users in the “Macrumours” report, to have in the Store, a new iPad get, other was rejected, however, because the employees did not want to believe that the devices were already received by the customer. German customers who have purchased your iPad online, the benefit comes, after all, the EU Return policy: you can send a bent replacement within 14 days and another device order – is then bent hopefully.

Whether Apple can handle the Problem on to you. The iPhone 6, the complaints became more frequent over time. It was responsive but only with the iPhone 6s: thanks to a much more robust housing made it significantly harder to bend. The affected buyers that did not help, of course.

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