The creators of this year’s Academy awards should have a call with Tim Cook. The Apple CEO understands the Show. During the duel, Academy Awards against Apple Event, it 0:1. Because while the Oscar ceremony was the end of February, yawning bored, presented to Cook at the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, a Hollywood-like staging of his new streaming service Apple TV+ (the most important events of the Apple presentation you can read here). In the main Stars such as Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon or Jason Momoa actors:.

Only less than three minutes, the Hollywood stars were to be seen on stage, but that was enough to put the journalists who were present in the Steve Jobs Theatre in rapture. The light from that Star to the stage, light, cheers, presentation of the series, next. A total of six Times this went on. Apple in the Hollywood noise. The worthy conclusion to talk show Queen and icon Oprah Winfrey. Also, do not division to Drama: “you are in over a billion pockets,” she enthused about the reach of Apple devices. “About a billion.” And soon you will be able to see it.

Apple relies on content

The new streaming service Apple TV+ is part of the new business model of the Tech giant. Since the sales of iPhones and co. no longer rises into the Immeasurable, Apple wants to develop itself with the content of new fields of business. The entry into the Video-Content business is late in coming. But maybe not too late. Over a billion dollars Apple has invested in his new series and productions, which will be available from the autumn. The battle for market share with Netflix begins.

summary for the Apple Event

Hop or Top? The new products from Apple

not good That the two U.S. giants are very good, shows the view on Apple’s Streamingbox Apple TV. This is because, unlike Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, steadfastly refuses to be added to Apple’s terms and conditions to the offer. In spite of Apple’s billion-dollar battle Netflix do not need to tremble announcement. The reason is that The series-makers from neighboring Los Gatos invest per year about ten Times as much in your content.

Approximately ten billion dollars, Netflix, 2019 for new productions. Each week, users will be spoiled with a new series – and the advertising is completely free. Since the Apple attack with 20 new Shows just like a gentle breeze from the Hollywood wind machine. In order to be a serious competition for Netflix, Apple would have to give every month new productions in order. But whether that will be so, says the company.

What is cost of Apple TV+?

in addition, Apple will also offer, in accordance with its corporate philosophy is probably the only content suitable for the whole family. This means that rating a minimum of FSK 12. So many of the Top would fall-series such as “Sex Education” at Apple. The most important question is unanswered: What is the new streaming service Apple TV+? To do this, Apple has remained silent on Monday.

so It would be possible that in the euphoria at the Apple Event on Monday soon hangover in the Apple-setting Central. The newly announced Apple series may be so busy high-profile and exciting: Netflix needs to do for the time being, no Worries.