The iPhone was for a long time, Apple’s unprecedented success story. Since its introduction, it has not only opened myself to the Smartphone market as we know it today, but Apple took a long time to the most valuable company in the world. And this is precisely why it is becoming a bigger and bigger Problem.

although Apple is growing in almost every respect – say 19 percent, the company has, excluding the iPhone – have declined for the total revenue. 84.3 billion dollars, they are still enormously high, in the Christmas quarter of the previous year, all four billion of goods but even more.

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debt is the iPhone. Although with the introduction of iPhone, Xr, Xs, and Xs Max strong at the price screw was rotated, the iPhone’s whopping nine billion dollars less revenue. And expressed the group’s revenue substantially. “I think the price is also a factor,” said CEO Tim Cook, according to “9to5Mac” to allegations that the new iPhones were too expensive. However, he was not referring to the prices in Europe – in Germany, the most expensive iPhone model costs 1649 Euro – but in China.

In the middle Kingdom, Apple had recently with a dramatic fall to struggling sales figures. Because the once-impressive economic growth in China dies down slowly, and secondly because of the economic conflict with the United States more expensive Dollars. The iPhone would have become due to these factors in China is too expensive, so Cook. Apple has adjusted the prices of the iPhone Xr there a few months after the market start to bottom. Accordingly, the group had already warned at the beginning of the year before the sinking of the Win.

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Triple camera and ceramic-case – what we know about Apple’s next iPhone to know

By Malte Mans are a Waste of Boom brings

The lower-than-expected iPhone sales is likely to annoy the group, especially because the Rest of the offer is booming. Even the years of weakening iPad and Mac revenues were strong to the top, with its computers, Apple was able to achieve a record result of $ 7.4 billion. In the case of the Wearables you could grow thanks to the success of the Apple Watch and the Airpod headphones as much as 33 percent.

And even Apple’s hope business grows: The Service division, which includes the Cloud business, App sales, and the Streaming service Apple Music count went up a good 20 percent and reached 10.9 billion, a new record. So Apple is well on the way to his Plan to achieve by 2020 a net profit of 50 billion euros for the Service division.


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By Malte Mans Achilles heel for Smartphone

get The iPhone crisis, the group cannot absorb so. Still, the iPhone finally brings almost two-thirds of the sales. A quick improvement is not in sight: The whole industry is after years of growth slowly on a Plateau, and stagnating sales. The customer will see in their old Smartphones in comparison to newer models, hardly a disadvantage and hold back accordingly with new purchases. Also Apple’s battery replacement program for the iPhone 6 and 6s should be fired, even had to admit Tim Cook.

Whether the Service division, it eventually creates, the breaches in the iPhone to catch sales, will have to show. To flush the currently missing 10 billion in cash, Apple would have to double the Services simply. For this purpose, each of the according to Apple, the 1.4 billion users of Apple would have to spend on equipment, however, is a month good for 5 dollars. In spite of the growing subscription Numbers at Apple Music, and a soon-coming video streaming service would be the ambitious Numbers.

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By Malte Mans of The money mountain Apple brings grows

one should not Write off Apple yet, however, for a long time. Although the group has lost since the peak in the autumn, a good third of its stock market value, belongs to the group of the most valuable in the world – even if Google, Microsoft and Amazon are now pulled over. In addition, the group makes a profit of 19,97 billion dollars is still strong profit. Alone of Apple’s cash reserves, other corporations can only dream of: 245 billion dollars in Cash has accumulated Apple in the meantime.

Tim Cook was in the quarter call with shareholders confident: “We measure our success in 90-day increments. We think Apple’s long term,” he said, according to “Ars Technica”. And maybe a true successor of the iPhone, succeeding with new products such as the long-rumored glasses soon. Any “One more thing” Apple had always been in Sleeves.

sources: Apple, 9to5mac, Ars Technica

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iPhone rumors

Triple camera and ceramic-case – what we imagine about Apple’s next iPhone to know

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