Apple CEO Tim Cook has referred in the past financial year, a fifth more salary.

The Top got Manager 15.7 million dollars (13.7 billion euros) and a stroke of 22 percent more money than in the previous year, as Apple announced. Thus, he increased his revenue for the second year in a row. Why, above all, a twelve million Dollar Bonus that was linked to the achievement of certain financial targets.

Apple had beaten in the end of September, the past financial year, shareholders last, however, with a rare reduction in the sales forecast, nervous. In particular, the fear of weaker iPhone sales in China, which could also have something to do with the trade dispute between the world’s two largest economies, have brought Apple to the stock market temporarily under severe pressure.

In a Tuesday broadcast an Interview of the US financial broadcaster CNBC, Cook tried to dispel major concerns. The markets reacted in the short term, “emotional”, he replied to a question after the recent price losses on the stock.

Apple’s “long term health” and the “product Pipeline” were, however, never been better, Cook. Also regarding the discussions between the United States and China in the trade dispute, he was “very optimistic”.