Munich (Reuters) – Apple CEO Tim Cook is concerned that a proliferation of data could affect collection in the Internet, the freedom of expression.

“imagine the following scenario: Everything what people say or think is sent, analyzed, and stored,” said Cook in an Interview to the magazine “Focus”. “Would stop the people from fear of consequences, to say your opinion?”

Cook also sees a danger in a possible misuse of the data. Countries such as the USA or Germany are so strong, that nobody can inflict from the outside, existential damage. “What Worries me is that it comes with a treasure chest full of data is possible to manipulate people in a way that you go sometime”, said the head of Apple.

The 58-Year-old Manager also reiterated his admiration for the last of may, which came into force data protection regulation in the European Union. “The EU DSGVO is an incredible Foundation on which we should build,” he said. “America will also get such a regulation,” said Cook is convinced. Also in another point, he agreed with German politicians: “I believe in the sovereignty of the infrastructure of Germany as an industrial location for life is necessary, because you can’t take any risks.” The same is true for the Chip production.

Cook emphasized for years that Apple wanted to protect the private sphere of its users, and emphasizes the difference to other Tech companies such as Facebook. A few weeks ago he spoke in Brussels of a “data-industrial complex” – in obvious reference to the concept of the military-industrial complex.

The Cook was, however, the accusation of hypocrisy: after all, he had no Problem to collect from Google billion that the Internet group is the default search engine on Apple’s devices. “Since Google provides the best search function, Google is in this field, the best Partner,” said Cook, now in the “Focus”Interview. In addition, Apple stressed that it always give the in-house Safari Browser users more control over the Parts of the data.

Cook leads this year’s list of “people of the year” in the “Focus”editorial.