Apple makes movies and TV shows to Samsung TVs and for the first time directly on devices from a different manufacturer available.

New TV devices support starting in the spring, the Transfer of content from the iPhone and other devices via Apple AirPlay-2 technology, announced Samsung on the Sunday before the start of the technology fair CES in Las Vegas. So far, owners of Samsung TVs with Internet connection have had to buy the Extra Box, Apple TV, if you wanted to see content from the iTunes platform.

The step could be a further indication of a change in strategy for Apple. The Service offerings of the group often serve the purpose of the sale of its own devices to boost, because you just run up to them. Since a couple of weeks, the Streaming service Apple’s Music-at first only in the USA, and also on the networked Echo – speakers from Amazon. but And the cooperation with Samsung is a similar decision which might cut into the sales of Apple TVs. Apple is trying at the same time, for some time, to be in his business independent from the device sales and to earn more money with services.

Also, Samsung may benefit from the Deal: Apple has in its iTunes platform is a big choice of movies in high quality 4K. Samsung and other manufacturers do not sell many 4K TV, the range of relevant content but is still very large. With the iTunes-cooperation of the users get easier access to it. The announcement seems to refer only to the US market.