Verena Altenberger determined by the start of 2019 at the Munich Polizeiruf 110 as the main Commissioner Elizabeth Eyckhoff

©BR/Markus Konvalin

With the “Polizeiruf 110: crime scenes” (16.12.) and its termination adopted by the Commissioner Hanns von Meuffels from the Sunday crime. The Berlin-based actor Matthias Brandt (57) embodied the melancholic investigator as of 2011; in August of that year, his first case was aired on “Polizeiruf 110: Cassandras warning”. And how it goes now with the Munich-based offshoot?

After some of the names were confirmed by the Bavarian radio in the late summer, the Austrian actress Verena Altenberger (31, “Magda!”) new chief Commissioner in the Munich “Polizeiruf”. From 2019, the multi-award-winning (most recently the German Comedy award 2017) artist, therefore, as the main Commissioner Elizabeth Eyckhoff in the Bavarian capital.

This investigator is pretty much the exact opposite of the sometimes surly and solitary of Meuffels, because according to the description of the figures is “non-bureaucratic, spontaneous, and always the last to parties”. And the limelight is likely to carry Eyckhoff also, because “after a few Beers she likes to grab the microphone to sing their favorite songs,” as it is called. And herein it differs greatly from that of her predecessor: “collegiality is more important to her than a solo career.”

The first shooting with the unconventional New were still planned for this year, the mystery Fans may be curious…