Anna R. in one of your performances

©imago/Karina Hess country

We play The Band Silly (“Wutfänger”) has announced a new Tour: “10 concerts in 10 different cities, and each evening we will make another Album a little more into focus,” reads the Band’s Website. At the same time, the group announced a “further Surprise”: In the case of the concerts, you will be completing the vocals for the first time of Julia Neigel (52) and Anna R. (48, Track 8, rose pride), Uwe hassbecker (58), Ritchie Barton (64) and Jäcki Reznicek (65). The “Analog”Shows between 22. November and 8. December 2019 instead.

singer and actress Anna Loos (48), since 2006, Silly, has unveiled a solo album: “tool box” should appear in March. Until recently, they stood together with their colleagues from Silly on the stage, as she also showed on Instagram, where she posted a photo of the Band.