your Smartphone is spying on her. No, really. From the operating system itself up to individual Apps in Android Smartphones to track what your users. We explain where some of the worst data hiding sinners – and how they are to you Lord.

lock screen to protect anyone Who does not see

all the Chat messages on the lock screen, you should protect them. To do this, open the menu “security & location”, then “settings for lock screen” and “lock screen”. Here, you can choose not to show sensitive notifications such as Chats or to dispense with the messages in the lock screen.

Fullscreen Curious Apps

The greatest spies are usually third-party Apps. Not only free Apps often require extensive permissions, from read much more data than you really need, and give more. They allow, therefore, only what the App needs. An App appears to be curious, find an Alternative. In the menu under “applications & notifications”, “Advanced” and “App permissions” you will find out which App has what permissions, and revoke them if necessary. Especially important: Who is fiddling around in the settings, you can install Apps from other sources than the official App store Play Store. From security point of view, one should avoid it!

Fullscreen Install a anti virus program

Even those who are limited to the Play Store, is not immune to pests. Although Google throws again and again, malicious Apps, always find pests make their way into the official App marketplace. Because Android allows quite deep access to the System, you can do a lot of damage. Therefore, install an antivirus program of a well-known manufacturer. The experts from AV-test recommended last about Apps from Kaspersky, Sophos and Symantec.

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data theft With these seven tips, you can protect yourself

By Malte Mansholt Google knows (almost) everything

But also Android operator Google collects a lot of data about you – much more than you probably suspect. Which were previously collected, can be found by you in the settings on “Google” and “Google account”. You now swipe in the bar with “Overview” and “Personal information” to the left to access the “data & personalization” and tap on it. Below you will see a list of all the active tracking tools. And the have it in.


Because Google collects almost all the data from your Apps. All the questions you’ve ever had to Google, as well as all of the prestigious Youtube Videos. Particularly creepy is the site history is: Tap on it and “activity manage, will be listed all the places where Google could GPS locations. If you want to, you can pause the Feature with flipping the switch to””, so turn it off. If it doesn’t work the first Time,you should not be surprised: sometimes you have to tap multiple times “pause” to confirm the choice.

So they switch the location from the

That doesn’t turn Off the location history alone, but to all of the storage of location data. Because there is also the classic Google saved Search for the location. To be also prevented to be also under “data & personalization” to find “Web and App activity” is paused.


Also another point in the “data & personalization” is expected to spook a lot of users: Under the Label of “voice & Audio activity” Google collects all voice commands to the Assistant, which is started with the command “”OK Google” – and you can even listen to it. Because he is sometimes started from, you can find recordings to listen to in which, in Background conversations, or the TV. Also, this recording can pause.

Who wants to be on the safe side, you should just turn off any data collection. To do this, select “data & personalization” to the point “activity, manage settings”. Here you can all the collections in the series after switching off. The Google should be on the menu at you differently, you may have an older Version of Android. Google’s Tracking, you can turn off in the Browser. The appropriate page you find here.

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iPhone: With these settings, you can protect your data

Apple advertises in order to protect the privacy on the iPhone. But also on the Smartphone data is not protected from the factory for optimum performance. We will explain what settings you should make.

By Malte Mansholt