stick A small Wi-Fi button on the washing machine and detergent henceforth, by the push of a button reorder – such “Order” button, the Online retailer Amazon customers in Germany for several years.

they work, for example, for toothpaste, cat food, coffee, and other everyday products. If Amazon is allowed to do but should now decide, the higher regional court (OLG) in Munich. The trial begins today.

The process in the first instance has lost Amazon – the land court of Munich gave the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia, with its right of action. Because the thing has a hook: On the order, only the brand logo of the manufacturer, no information on price or content are buttons. This information, the customer has to know when you Install the App, but Details can change.

Also note that each button means a paid order is missing. The district court saw this as a violation of the statutory requirements in the case of Internet sales, and ordered Amazon to cease and desist.

How many customers in Germany Amazon such order buttons has sold and how much the turnover is done with it, did not want to tell the company. It think its called the Dash Buttons but for compliance with the law. The customer should be allowed to decide how they want to shop.