Seattle (AP) – Amazon has cracked the mark of 100 million devices sold with its voice assistant, Alexa on-Board. In the past Christmas sales, especially the Mini-speaker Echo Dot had been in strong demand and was sold out in weeks, said devices in-chief Dave Limp to “The Verge”.

It is the first Time that Amazon announced a number to the paragraph of Alexa-devices – and there is still no information about how active the wizard Software by the customer is used.

About Alexa, you can control networked devices, such as, for example, lamps in the household, information from the network, queries or shopping lists to maintain. Amazon had established the device category smart speaker with wizard Software and now trying to bring Alexa into more and more technology from different manufacturers. Google runs a similar course with the competition Software Assistant. Apple’s assistant Siri runs only on the own devices of the group, but it can also control a variety of associated technology.