Amazon is considering to sell its microwave with voice control, but also in Germany. The device was originally as a reference model for the Demonstration of the involvement of the assistant Alexa language have been thought, said Amazon’s device chief Dave Limp.

in the US almost 60 dollars expensive microwave but has become so popular that the group think about wider marketing. They wanted to see how the interest in the next six months to develop.

The microwave oven, you can give a connected to the Echo speaker is Amazon commands such as “Alexa, heat the rice”. In the second half of the year 2019 is expected to meanwhile, various household appliances of other manufacturers with Alexa-voice control in the trade in Germany, said Limp. Amazon provides a built-in Chip. Manufacturers are already working on the Integration. You could use your own Wake-up words, instead of “Alexa”.

In Germany, have told Amazon millions of Alexa users, Limp, without more concrete information. In the current Christmas business the new model have sold out of the loudspeaker, the Echo Show, with a larger Display in a global comparison, Germany is particularly strong. Amazon had established with the Echo devices, the category of the connected speaker with voice assistant on Board in the first place. Meanwhile, Google and Apple are catching up.

Amazon have launched the Echo project about the same time with his quickly failed, mobile phone, Fire Phone, said Limp. The Smartphone should recognize, among other things, items for re-Order, was a Flop and was less than a year after the Start of 2014, from the market. Limp dampened the prospects for a return to the business: “We would only build a phone when it could be different to make sense of the other.”

the fact that Alexa users are not able to access the Software outside of the house, such as on the Google Assistant on Android phones and Apple’s Siri on the iPhone, looks Limp, no major downside for Amazon. “This allows us to have no mobile wizard build”, but to focus on features for your home.

At the same time, the group is working to integrate Alexa in the car directly in the Infotainment systems. As a retrofit solution Amazon tests in the United States, the small device, the Echo car, with the select by voice command, for example, the music or on the go connected devices in the home can control. The Plan was to bring it in other countries, such as Germany, said Limp. Echo car is basically a transitional solution, but given the long product for a longer time cycles, in the auto industry in the market could remain.

The Streaming service Apple Music should be in the coming year also in Germany at the Echo speakers available, confirmed Limp. So far, the Integration only in the United States. Apple has with the HomePod itself – and more expensive – to-Echo-competitive device in the offer. The in-house music Service was the only speaker directly available, was initially as a purchase incentive plan.