The growing use of intelligent machines such as robots are expected to develop according to the assessment of the heads of Amazon are more likely to Job-Motor as the job killer.

Particularly in the logistics industry, he do not see any risks for the labour market, said Ralf glue to the news Portal “”. “Since Amazon 2012 has begun with the introduction of robotics worldwide have been created about 300,000 jobs.” And this Trend will also continue in Germany. The robotics will need to increasing to meet customer demand at all.

criticism of the working conditions in the logistics centres of the group rejected glue, in a conversation with “”. “If you want to make yourself a picture of the work of colleagues, you can join the tours through some of our logistics centres.” The conditions were good.

“robot, they can be even better, because, for example, by the transport robot paths are reduced,” said glue. Amazon to create thousands of new Jobs. “And not in spite of, but because of the robots.” This resulted in, for example, that less area would be needed for the storage of articles. So Amazon logistics centers in regions could open up, in which there were no suitable areas.