Amazon sets the sale of his “Dash”- “Order” button for a quick Reorder of everyday items in the world.

Instead of the Hardware buttons to focus the Online retailer in the future on related digital services. Virtual “Dash”button that you can set up on the Amazon Website or in the App.

In the United States can integrate manufacturer of home appliances such digital buttons in the display of your technique. “If you now have a Dash Button to the home, he remains, of course, capable of functioning”, – said the Amazon Manager Tim Freystedt on Thursday.

For Germany, the decision is of special importance. Amazon had lost in January in the second instance before the higher regional court of Munich in a legal dispute with the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia to the buttons.

The judge held that Amazon was in breach of laws relating to Online trading, because when shopping clear information about contents, price and of the note on a payment, subject to order were missing. The Buttons, reminiscent of a doorbell, only the Logo of the provider of the product and the button that triggers a purchase order.

The global From the for the “Dash”Button is not a consequence of the defeat in Munich, stressed the Amazon. “The decision of the higher regional court of Munich is not related to the decision, the Dash Button in the world not more to offer,” said Freystedt. The reason was that customers took advantage of the other deals to Reorder more and more. Amazon has also re-order the “Dash Replenishment Service”, in the networked home devices automatically necessary consumables. In addition, customers can reorder via voice command to the Alexa assistant, for example, in Amazon’s Echo speaker article.

in the night of Friday, the buttons from the Amazon range, disappeared. They were worldwide in seven countries: USA, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France. “The American market for the Dash-Button is not equal to is greater than of the German,” said Freystedt. In the US, Amazon had introduced the buttons in the spring of 2015. Your battery should hold on to that information five to ten years – who has such a button, is likely to it can still use some of the time.

The legal dispute over the buttons Amazon wants to, despite the sale stops by fencing. “We will still appeal against the decision of the higher regional court of appeal, because we consider them to be hostile to innovation, and wrong,” said Freystedt. The positive Feedback from the customers encourage Amazon. The buttons were offered until recently in Germany.

the Amazon had brought the buttons 2016 to Germany. At last count it was around 70 for various items such as Laundry detergent, diapers, condoms, coffee or cosmetics. At the time of ordering of a button, the customer pays € 4.99 – which will then be credited but at the first push of a button. Hobbyist to work the buttons but part of it also, so that you are able to control so that, for example, connected lamps in the smart home. Specifically for such use cases, an imaginary Version of the button for developers will continue to be offered.