The book “We children from train station Zoo” celebrated in the year 1981 as a cinema film successes

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their fate was Christiane F. famous. Millions have been sold of the book “We children from train station Zoo”, in many schools it is considered required reading. In 1981, the eponymous Film attracted almost five million viewers in the cinemas. On the Initiative of the screenwriter Annette Hess, their fate is told now. Constantin Television filmed the book as a series for Amazon Prime. Producer Berben, Oliver.

Annette Hess, who was already for series such as “Ku’damm 56” and “Weissensee” is responsible, is working to tell the dramatic story of Christiane F., together with five Co-authors. Directed by Philipp Kadelbach (“Our mothers, our fathers”), the filming should start later this year, the series itself will appear in 2020, as Amazon announced.

Shocking, controversial, and captivating – the story of “We children from train station Zoo” offers since the first publication in 1978, already discussed. The Film tells the true story of Christiane F. and her dysfunctional circle of friends at the age of 12-16 years, with the device in the gritty drug scene of West Berlin in the 70s. Christiane is a lonely 12-year-old girl without goals. Soon the Addiction takes over when you have the upper hand and she goes into Prostitution to Finance their addiction. With the new series, different perspectives are to be addressed.

series comes with a production offensive

“‘We children from Bahnhof Zoo is a significant literary work, and moving up to today, many people, not only in Germany but throughout Europe,” says Georgia Brown, Director of the European Prime Originals in a press release. “The series takes this story and gives the events a modern look. We are convinced that the backgrounds are as up to date as ever, and our Prime-members in its spell.”

The German production is part of an international production offensive, when Amazon Prime Video is currently a big emphasis on the Indian and Mexican market. In total, over 20 new Prime Originals go in seven countries on three continents in the production.