Rammstein on stage, 2012

©2012 by Daniel Knighton/image collect

Rammstein are back, and back, accompanied by a solid and sensational scandal: the Video for The first Single, “Germany” shows the Band among other things as concentration camp prisoners, star of David shortly before the execution, on the gallows. Of course, a huge discussion about the Band flared up immediately. The accusation: They use the Holocaust to popularize aware of the scandal and to reach more attention. After looking into the band’s history is clear: at Least in the scheme of provocation as advertising is well-known to the Band.


the Name is pure provocation, however, not a particularly smart one: Rammstein (with double M) refers to the US Ramstein Air Base near Kaiserslautern, in 1988, during an air show to a terrible misfortune. In the air, the three Jets crashed into each other, fell in part into the crowd and demanded 70 deaths and around 1,000 wounded. Most of them suffered severe burns.

for a Long time, the Band had denied to have really, after the tragic accident named. Then it was announced that Rammstein were initially occurred under the name “Rammstein air show” and the Denial was futile. In an Interview with the guitarist Paul Landers (54) once said that you had called Initially, only “nonsense” and the Name would then have remained in the Band “stick”, “like a nickname that you don’t find a good one. We managed the get rid of.” The second M in the name was, therefore, by the way, just a mistake.

The “Stripped”Video

For the Video for “Stripped”-a Cover of the cult band Depeche Mode used Rammstein in 1998 excerpts from Leni steel NS-Propaganda movie called about the Olympic summer 1936 games in Berlin. After a huge Outcry in the media, the Band was criticized also because of that that you have not spoken in detail to this provocation, you filed it. It was only years later Rammstein back rowed: “we have crossed a line,” was the singer Till Lindemann (56) in 2006, in a “Playboy”Interview.

a Scandalous show

On the stage inseminated Lindemann, keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz (52) on a regular basis in a simulated anal sex show with an over-sized Dildo, like a flame thrower liqueur-ejaculate splashed. In Worcester, in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, found the local authorities, this number, however, is not at all funny. The two were arrested for “lewd and lascivious behavior,” even temporarily fixed and had to spend a night in jail.

Dildo sex

Rammstein, and Dildos go together somehow: The “love for all”Album, the stand temporarily on the Index, was also released in a special Limited Deluxe Edition. Description from the band’s website: “Six Dildos, lube, and handcuffs a load, the ‘Pussy’-video clip at home.” Which brings us to the next scandal…

The Porno Video

The Video to “Pussy” had not the manufacture of its Premiere, in 2009, a Dutch erotic website – it’s very unfair. In the Video, each of the six musicians has a porn sequence, which was shot in a brothel with professional porn performers. For the Close-Ups, there were body doubles, but it was on the Set quite explicitly. According to Paul Landers in the “Abort Magazine” had drummer Christoph “Doom” Schneider (52) to send his girlfriend, who had come to the Set, back home.