Federal Minister for economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier, has warned of a digital divide in Germany.

The CDU-politician said at a conference on digital change in cities and regions in Berlin, many areas left behind felt, even when it comes to digital change. It is a common overall was the state’s responsibility to provide the. It was important to prevent the moving out of rural regions.

In future technologies such as Artificial intelligence, the question of whether they wanted to be the world’s top spot for Germany and Europe. You must now set the course. In the case of Artificial intelligence, the USA and Asia are so far ahead of its time.

The chief Executive of the Association of municipal companies, Katherina Reiche, said the connection to powerful digital infrastructures, such as the new mobile radio standard 5G is modern services of General interest: “just as no one is cut-off in the rural regions of the supply of electricity or water, there must be no digital divide between city and country.”

In the spring, to be auctioned frequencies for the much faster new Standard 5G. The procurement rules stipulate that 98 percent of the households in Germany to get to the end of 2022 access to fast mobile Internet. Critics warn, however, that this is sufficient for a full coverage, especially in rural areas.

a Telekom Board member Claudia Nemat said, the group is investing more than five billion euros per year in digital infrastructure. They but referred to problems with construction capacities: “for Us, the builders.” The Telekom claiming 75 percent of the cable engineering capacity in Germany.