Between Jennifer and Andrei agreed to clear the chemical. In the new episode, it comes to a first kiss.


Los Cabos, Mexico: In the Ladies ‘ Villa to the “Bachelor” is dampened the mood. The girls are in a daze on the sofa and doze off. A is redeemed: Claudia is allowed to hang out with the Bachelor Andrej Mangold at the single date in a Wild Canyon on a canyon on a giant swing. “We can do this,” says the Bachelor, the visible knee-quaking. Of course you can do it. And as a reward a romantic Dinner.

“it combines an experience”, will find both. Great harmony, especially after Claudia tells the story of her Ex, who had kept his children – and the Bachelor’s credibly assured, to have no. Deep Looks. He: “are you Wearing contact lenses?” You: “Yes, because I don’t see anything.” His conclusion: “We have built up a nice Connection, have slowly found each other,” he says after the Date stirred and almost break all the dams.

“Here is crazy”

In the Villa, the mood mid – escalated meanwhile, in Christina and Nathalia. Because? Yes, why actually? Some of the girls, including Christina, fine make out of boredom of nightlife, a few others, including Nathalia, find the full stupid. “I’ve seen the look on your face”, keift Christina Nathalia. “I’m watching you, you pulled a face.” At the end of Nathalia and Christina crying hugging. Cecilia: “Here is misleading.”

Jennifer crashes her interview

the next Morning, a new group date: For Christina, Vanessa, Cecilia, Jade, Jenny, and Nadine’s to play basketball. “Well, the girls in Sport Outfit, as you can risk a look”, jubeliert the former professional basketball player. “You see, who is athletic and his body can handle.” Then he gets Nadine to a single conversation, because he doesn’t bermerkt that it is apparently good. “It’s hard,” began Nadine. The Bachelor Bad a feeling about this. “Ohhh, is the next one?”

no, Nadine want to meet him, finds the Situation with all the other weird – and then the conversation comes Jenny and crashed. Pissed her Nadine leaves the Bachelor. “I’d about five cigarettes in the face stuck, so aggressive I am,” raging Nadine. If looks could kill… At the end of the Bachelor and invites of all things Jennifer to a romantic evening date. Nadine cries. “Jenny seeks the attention, which is abnormal. I can grade themselves as Cunts, ey for real.” If looks could kill, would be Jenny deader than dead. Mega-anti-social behaviour, will also find all the other Ladies, while Jenny for the Date makes it chic.

“goosebumps moments” at the Dinner

The Bachelor and Jenny-intensive “goosebumps moments” during a romantic Dinner, and it comes to the first kiss of the season. Episode four, kiss one. “I’ve felt a closeness,” he says with tears umflortem views. Jenny gets a Rose and Andrei comes to Ponder. “How’s that then? The journey end here? This is it now? More women are in the race.” Just, so.

The next group date Sina, Kimberley, Eva, Steffi, Ernestine and Nathalia with. It is danced with Samba. Each may change. Hip to hip with a Bachelor’s degree. The a can’s less than the Kimberley, the other’s more. “The circles of the hip, my goodness,” says the Bachelor’s, Brazilian Nathalia. Steffi is a hip movement in the midfield and latches on to the Bachelor to the interview. “I’ve got you on the Radar, we will still get time. The depth of conversations I had with no one,” she reassures the knight of the rose. So deep conversations… were there? The group date ends at the beach.

night of the roses – and all the bitches against Jenny

The fourth night of the roses, and the big question is: How many Ladies throw in the towel today? Nadine asks the Rosenkavalier to the conversation. Jenny is not pleased. “It’s not good for me”, begins to Nadine and the Bachelor gets to panic. You: “I feel stupid, when Jenny interrupted our conversation.” He: “Did not behave properly.” You: “I was very sad.” He: “no, sorry, The me, was a good conversation.” Vanessa has also needed clarification, and impresses the Bachelor with Einstein. Imagination is the preview on what was coming. The Bachelor is not happy about the call, Jenny. And she’s looking for the conversation. The looks of the other Ladies follow her, especially from Nadine. “If looks could kill, Jenny would have killed me with a head shot,” she said.

Showtime: The Bachelor’s has now “developed a very clear tendencies.” Not so clear, why all of a sudden Jade against Jenny bitch: “I can’t see your face.” Steffi takes a swing against Jenny. “Just want to have something.” Of course, the Bachelor. And know at least who he would like to have: Sina and Kimberley are out.

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