Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that after the massive criticism of the past few months, the Online network on the protection of privacy. “I believe that the communication will shift in the future increasingly on confidential, encrypted services, in which the people can rely on what they tell each other, remains secure,” Zuckerberg wrote. This is the future, Facebook was willing to cooperate.

The world’s largest Online social network was, especially after the outbreak of the data scandal to Cambridge Analytica sharp for dealing with user data criticized. “I don’t understand that a lot of people believe that Facebook would build such a privacy-focused platform, or wanted to,” admitted Zuckerberg. The Online network does not have the reputation to develop on the protection of privacy-oriented services.

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The announcement of Wednesday actually means a categorical change in comparison to sugar mountain setting in the early years of Facebook. At the time, he had explained, the Trend that people more and more about themselves in public. Facebook was repeatedly caught up in conflicts with privacy advocates and regulators, as the group austestete the borders at the Opening of privacy.

Now, Zuckerberg announced that more offerings of the group would get a Complete encryption according to the example of Whatsapp. In the case of the so-called end-to-end encryption the content of a conversation can only be viewed by sender and recipient. Other services, such as video chats, E-Commerce, Payment Services should build on this safe Basis, he explained.

In the case of Cambridge Analytica data from Facebook had been users from the developer of a survey App in front of more than five years illegally at a data analysis company. Facebook knew since the end of 2016, contented with the assurance that the data had been destroyed and did not inform the users.

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