revoked The administrative court of Gelsenkirchen, the deportation prohibition against the already to Tunisia reported suspected Islamists Sami. The court granted a request by the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf). The decision of the chamber is final (Az. 7a L 1947/18.A).

We’ve changed the decision due to “new circumstances”, – stated in the explanatory Memorandum. Accordingly, we consider “the risk of torture and of inhuman or degrading treatment of the Tunesiers by his home state, according to the now by the Federal statistical office submitted by note verbale to the Tunisian Embassy in Berlin from 29. October 2018 but not more significantly likely”.

by authorities as the Islamist threat classified Sami A. had been shown before four months, despite a deportation ban is unlawful to Tunisia. The Bamf applied at the end of October to the court for this ban to be lifted and an immediate decision from the 12. To change July. The basis of the application, a Recent Declaration of the tunes was public, and that the 42-Year-old in his home country is not at risk of torture. The present decision relates to this emergency session. At what point in the main proceedings is decided, not yet. to be

Sami A. was accused, former bodyguard of slain Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. Has not been established so far. A. was come in 1997 to Germany to study. 13. July, he was from North Rhine-Westphalia deported. The administrative court of Gelsenkirchen had decided the night before that this was permissible, since in Tunisia, torture is threatened. The decision, however, was to have been transmitted only in the Morning, as the chart machine with Sami A. was already in the air. The Supreme administrative court in North Rhine-Westphalia complained about the behaviour of the authorities and Sami A. s ordered the immediate recovery of the city of Bochum.

In Tunisia was Sami A. after his deportation from Germany, first in prison, but again released. The investigators had found no evidence of involvement in terrorist activities, it said on justification.