Facebook wants to develop its users with the digital assistant with a “common sense”, with which you can entertain.

“you have to know the background and you can carry a discussion on any topic,” described the case of Facebook for research in artificial intelligence, competent Yann the idea of LeCun in an Interview with the Financial Times. At the same time, he acknowledged that this “could be tomorrow”.

In today’s machine Learning Computer learning with large amounts of data is “attached”, so that you can make on the basis of detected patterns to predict similar cases. This method is used broadly for the processing of photographs. At the same time, it represents a big challenge for the machines to make predictions, if you need to operate under unsafe conditions, said LeCun.

Facebook uses artificial intelligence, among other things, to recognize contributions with a non-approved content such as terrorist propaganda, or nudity. At the same time, Software should check the enhanced video in real – time, and the new capacity requirements of the systems.

LeCun made it clear that Facebook – might be similar to Google – develop own Chip for learning machines, in order to make it more efficient. The blueprints would then be published, in order to make them usable for everyone. This had made Facebook is already at its developments in technology for data centers.