before the 1. April, it could be so far. Then Russia will close its entire Internet traffic for a short period of time from the Rest of the world. According to a report by the news portal RBK, the Internet provider, Megafon, VimpelCom, MTS and Rostelecom to test whether the Russian part of the networks to withstand a separation. The Kremlin leadership will continue to pursue this Simulation probably attention.

Since 2014, President Putin has a Plan to create a fully Autonomous Internet within the Russian Federation. The data traffic with foreign countries should consistently be prevented. A law approved by Putin in December 2018. This Tuesday, the Duma moved. The draft was adopted by 334 votes to 47. Critics warned that the new rules could throw the Internet in a strict state censorship. The initiators defended it as a “defense mechanism” to the “long-term stable operation of networks in Russia.”

Russia wants data on your own DNS-Server

by 2020, the Kremlin leadership may want to forward 95 percent of the domestic Russian Internet traffic over the nodes and servers in their own country. Supreme control over the media regulatory authority Roskomnadsor would have then. Apart from the goal of creating a RuNet, is still completely open, like the Internet providers are able to implement the projects technically. Also, the costs of the project are unclear: Between 270 million and 1.7 billion euros are estimated. The big Telecom companies refuse, however, to manage these investments.


Putin’s new Laser to US missiles and Jets destroy

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the heart of the whole Plan is a national Version of the Name-Domain system (DNS). These servers are the address books of the Internet. Readers want to access the website you will be directed on the DNS Server, the connection between the computer and the Site. Should Russia succeed, such a Server structure to build, would the entire data traffic in the country. It would be independent from the West. The 13 main DNS servers are ten in the United States. The Russian leadership is the basis of the Plan for a national Internet that just as Online services and providers from Hacker attacks from abroad, be prepared.

Public authorities are responsible for the control

But critics of the law suspect otherwise. Artem Kosljuk of the NGO Roskomswoboda warns of “serious risks for the civil society”. Because Russia should conduct only once its Internet traffic across the national DNS Server, could also be the communication of the population monitor. The under is also a report by the Internet Governance Project at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Roskomnadzor could block E-Mails or messages in social networks. Also the access to unwelcome web pages that are stored on foreign servers, could block the authority.

Seething rumors

Want to integrate Putin knows Russia?

By Ellen Ivits

the Russian services have been limited in the past few years, the freedom in the network. So, about the contents and pages of the Opposition have been locked, or services, who did not want to cooperate with the authorities, such as the video platform Dailymotion, the social network Linkedin, and the messenger service Telegram.

sources: Internet Governance Project, Deutsche Welle, the Guardian, ZDNet

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