Fredie Carmichael drove with his family from Georgia to Mississippi, as a small plane on Interstate 20 showed up and landing on the well-traveled road began.

Carmichael’s wife took in the landing. On the verge of a Transfer, the machine came to the edge of the road. One of the pilots got out immediately, walked around the machine and fled to the grass strip. Carmichael’s wife could not believe her eyes: “Pee now?”

But actually, the machine is not landed, only because the Co-Pilot had to urgently times. The man was a student pilot, completed his first hour on Board of the machine. And in the case of this flight, his nerves were put to the test. The plane had just started and was located five to seven kilometres from the Talladega Municipal Airport when the engine failed.

Now, the flight instructor Jim Williams had to show his student how to fly a Cessna with no engine and lands safely. Williams told the TV station WSB-TV that he abspulte the prescribed process, to bring the engine back into gear. But there is nothing happened.

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“I had no other options,” he said in the TV. “The highway was the last Chance, so I made a curve to the left and dodged the traffic and a sign to stop our plane.”

shock hit the bubble

The local TV station also spoke with the family. “I live in Südatlanta and drive every day past the airport,” said Carmichael. “So, it’s not unusual to see a plane flying at low altitude over us.” But he and his family had not noticed, that something was wrong as the plane touched down. “There’s a car, a Saturn,” said Carmichael to the station. “The driver of the Saturn did not see the plane. I thought the same, the right wing will touch the car. It looked as if the Cessna would land on the car.”

Williams has been working for 36 years as a flight instructor. Before landing, everything went through his head, what he knew about flying. Fortunately, he remembered also, that you could land on a road with the flow of traffic, but not of the should come from the opposite direction. The flight on Saturday was the first hour of his pupil. The has survived the flight well, but as you donned, he had to relieve himself after the shock immediately.

source: WSB-TV Pilot who landed a small plane on I-20 in Alabama says he was ‘out of options