You know the E-Mails: someone has, for some reason, large amounts of money around, he must get rid of urgently. Only requirement is a hefty advance payment. Time and again, fraudsters try to bring in this way by e-Mail or call their victims to part with their Savings. William H. Webster got such a call. And proved to be the worst victims.

the scammers presented well: $ 15.5 million of the 94 should have won-year-old Webster and his wife, they would only have to pay the taxes for $ 50,000 in advance, and promised the caller. In the course of a few weeks, he called several times, was becoming increasingly impatient. At the end he threatened the Webster’s then completely open. He described the Call to her house, and threatened to it to burn down and shoot you, if he would not get 6000 dollars from them. The caller felt safe. Even the CIA and FBI would never find him, he was on the phone.

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wrong victim

Webster knew better. The pensioner was finally, not just anyone – but had directed in his long career, two of the largest US services. From 1978 to 1987, he was the Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation under presidents Carter and Reagan, from 1987 to 1991, he headed then under Reagan and Bush the foreign intelligence service CIA. Accordingly, it only cost him a few calls, to identify the blackmailer as the Jamaicans Keniel Aeon Thomas. Webster held Thomas with part payment Offered, starting in the second call, the FBI was listening.

For an outbound delivery, the allegations were not sufficient. However, it was not even necessary: As Thomas 2017 for a Relatives visit to New York came, he was still at the airport. On Friday, he was sentenced to nearly six years in prison, after which he will be deported to Jamaica. The Webster’s were not his only victims: More than 30 people, he should have deducted. An 82-paid Years alone, $ 600,000, another man for 87,000 dollars.
The used rip-stitch is because of the big popularity in the African country as “Nigeria Connection”. Although there is since the 70s, it is still extremely successful. In 2015, the US would have lost-Americans about this fraud model according to the FBI’s $ 275 million, as reported by “Ars Technica”. In 2017, it had been to 675 million dollars. The coronation of the Scam, the rip off from the universe, you can read here.

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sources: the Washington Post, Ars Technica, CNN


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By Malte Mansholt