Nathalia didn’t want to kiss Andrei


The RTL-love search goes in the sixth round, and “The Bachelor” talk right at the beginning of plaintext: “I have built up to each woman a bond,” explains Andrej Mangold (32). It he’s now about figuring out what women really want. Said and done!

Brazilian Nathalia gives him a basket

Andrej Mangold of the lady of the Villa makes Los Cabos a spontaneous surprise visit and takes Brazilian Nathalia to Date. It goes on a shopping tour, Nathalia may choose a red evening dress and tells that you have already modeled and “girl of the week”. Of the Gage you paid your parents a vacation. Der Rosenkavalier is hard to be impressed by the generosity of the Brazilian. For the culminating Date-the conclusion of a romantic Dinner and a private concert. “Hammer, Hammer, Hammer”, Nathalia and the obligatory Couch.

“Something I see only in TV shows, this is too good to be true,” says the Rose in her. “Something like that has ever done that for me, it already feels as if he were my friend.” The Bachelor s tingles’and he wants to kiss the Brazilian. But there is nothing. After Vanessa’s kiss-off, he collected the second basket. “It is a strange feeling that you’re in the morning with another woman,” explains Nathalia their retreat. “I’m afraid that I’m falling in love with you, and then I’m standing there.”

Andrei, has already established ties to all the ladies, stay cool: “you do not need to live on, I know what is happening in my heart.” Never been kissed Nathalia returns in the Vila.

Andrei. doubt when flight attendant Eva

The next day, three Ladies are freed from their boredom and may Parasailing-Date Eva, Jade, and Vanessa stand with the Bachelor, for the following romantic Dinner he chooses Eva. “Disgusting Situation,” says Vanessa later in the Villa. All find now. “Each is beautiful, each has the feeling to be Special,” says Steffi, miss courageous, and Jenny twisted already permanently irritated eyes.

Meanwhile, feels Andrej eve during a romantic dinner on the Tooth and learns that Eva’s Ex-boyfriend was ten years older and in Mumbai lived. “Was it love or was financially better?”, Andrei thought of immediately. “I know women who work as flight attendant, that’s where you come in connection with people who are financially well off.”

Overall, finds Andrei in the end, Eva’s not often I have objected to, what’s to stop him, but to rise with her in the Pool. “We were very close, his hands were on my head, on my hip, in my face, that was nice,” pulls Eva to the Date radiant balance. Andrei says: “Maybe developing something that could push away the doubt.”

panic at Nadine

The next Morning, will asks eve in the lady’s Villa: “do you Have hanky?”, want to know Jenny. “I say nothing”, informed Eva with much a bland Smile. Jenny: “to Me, is just bad.” The nerves are blank. To lift the mood, may, Jenny, Nadine, Claudia and Steffi celebrate wild make-up with the Bachelor for the “Dia de los Muertos”, the Mexican day of the dead.

A single conversation takes you, Andrei, for example, with Nadine. “It is the purest disaster, I missed the words”, and then in the balance sheet. “I can’t talk to him, never had a single date, others he has kissed already.” Nadine is crying, the Bachelor’s comforts. “That was shortly before the nervous breakdown.” Much better, the interview went for Steffi, which makes Andrei aware that she is 32, a strong woman, and children wool. He finds the sweet notes that since a connection is available and then to celebrate.

These ladies need to go

It follows the sixth night of the roses. Andrei gets a flight attendant Eva to the conversation. “After the evening question mark remained, I wanted to ask about your last relationship, how important is it that a man is wealthy?”, he puts the cards on the table. Eva was shocked. “That’s not my character, for me feelings are important.” At Andrey of question marks remain. Until the rose award is still danced. “He dances with all the ass sex part, it makes a happy” hump with Jenny.

“The atmosphere is corrosive,” notes “The Bachelor.” “The air you could cut with a knife.” Before it escalates, Andrei and hits his rose decision. Be sorted out Nadine and Claudia and it flow back tears.

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