anyone Who has not snorkeled already immersed once, or, at least, can only imagine what hangs out in the oceans of the world. Figures, forms, and colors that are found there to exist in such splendor and diversity that you can look forward to as the country’s residents that there are photographers that make the creatures from the depth visible to us. At the annual Ocean Art Competition there are no restrictions for the participants, each photographer is allowed to submit his images, as long as they fit into one of the categories. These range from technical requirements through various Genres of photography to the living conditions of the animals.

We should all be diving much more …

not Surprisingly, only the color of the sea residents, but also the elegance of their movements splendor. Seemingly weightless, they glide through your Element and provide the divers images, which would be to the country would be unthinkable. Three manta rays have, for example, under water ballet together, for the recording of the Briton, Duncan Murrell in the category of “Best of Show” 1. Place won. And a colourful Nudibranch was placed so delicately on a network from their U-shaped and they shot around the eggs float, that of the Italians Flavio Vailati snails with her the most beautiful naked picture. Very cute, the image is also “tapered seal face” was, for a seal back and pushed in front of the lens of the French Greg Lecoeur – he received for his recording 1. Place in the category “Cold water”.

Need the sea an advertising Agency, it should consist of the participants of this competition. The images evoke immediately the desire to once again be able to dive. In The Sense Of The Word.

Who would not want to see only the pictures in the first place, on the side of the underwater photography Guide, many more beautiful images.

source: uwphotographieguide